About Our Teas

Good tea is a rare thing - a gratifying mix of flavour and effect that really is good for you. It is the convergence of all the important things that we look for in life – delicious, ethical, functional, healthy and natural. Good tea is a journey with no end of learning

I’m Alexis and I’ve been an avid tea drinker all my life. I was constantly disappointed with the quality of tea being offered in cafes and hotels. When visiting other offices or companies as part of my job, it got to the stage where drinking a cup of instant coffee was the least-worst option.

Alexis Rendell - Tea Mountain

It was during an extended business visit to China in 2010 that the true range of teas, flavours and tastes was revealed to me. I spent a day at a tea market with a tea trader who introduced me to just a small selection of the wide variety of teas available. On each subsequent visit I tried out different teas. Even the hotel rooms had tea infusers and loose leaf teas on offer (usually a minimum of two kinds).

On my return home (with a lot of tea) I slowly introduced these teas to friends and family and started to learn more about tea. And I’m still learning! And enjoying every minute of it.

So are you ready to push the reset button on your understanding of tea? Forget stuffy tea rooms and silver service, the scented nonsense mis-sold as “tea” to yummy mummies and those awful tea bags dunked in milky water. Portsmouth Tea is here!

Based in Gosport, just across the harbour from Portsmouth, Tea Mountain was set up in 2021 to help me share the passion for the simple pleasure of real tea.

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