Welcome to Tea Mountain

Come on the journey with us to explore the finest teas from China. Our tea shop features the highest quality imported Chinese teas. Let us help you find the perfect cup of tea in the peak of condition. We love tea and we are excited to share our appreciation of finely crafted goodness with you.


The Finest Quality Teas from China

Tea Mountain’s teas are eco-friendly and ethically sourced. Enjoy all the health benefits of your favourite beverage, as well as learn about the background of it. As well as the tea being eco-friendly, so is the packaging. The pouches and labels are all biodegradable, and the labels are printed on recycled paper.


There is normal day to day tea that you can buy in large supermarkets and then there is great tea that you can only buy from a handful of selected vendors who are absolutely passionate about their products. Alexis from Tea Mountain is one of those individuals, what he sells is the finest tea money can buy. His knowledge and enthusiasm for all things tea is truly infectious. He’s spend years researching the best tea plantations in China and negotiating with tea growers to bring the best teas to the UK. If you are looking for a great cup of tea, look no further.

Andreas Nest

I was born in Portsmouth and grew up there. I am so pleased to have been introduced to Portsmouth tea! I have bought the tea and given it as a unique present from Portsmouth even reaching far shores in Finland! I particularly like the loose tea for it's rich flavour but have bought both tea bags and loose leaf. It is a step above supermarket mass produced tea and a great improvement to my tea drinking regime!

Sophia Miettunen

Portsmouth Tea has proved to be a hit with clients and family alike

Good service, a good price and most importantly a fantastic brew.

Mark Cook

I’m always looking for new and original ways to leave a positive, professional and lasting impression of my business to potential contacts and clients – especially when I am making a focus presentation. Being a Voiceover Artist, making gifts relevant to my profession can be hard!

When I met Alexis and heard about his branded teabags at Tea Mountain I was delighted! He listened to my requirements and was able to put together little ‘Voices For Impact’ branded gift bags of tea for me to give out at an important networking event – AND to make it even more personal I was able to choose lemon and ginger as the type of tea – A voiceover artist’s best friend!

Anne-Lise Kadri

I immediately saw an opportunity for Trusolv to use Tea as a promotional tool and it was decided that we would send 50 of our top introducers a box of tea mid January as this is an accountants busiest time.

I can not recommend Alexis and Tea Mountain more highly, we have used various ways of marketing over the last few years, but sending tea has been, by far, our biggest success and I look forward to working with Alexis on an ongoing basis.

Coran Stubbington