Portsmouth Tea loose leaf
Portsmouth Tea loose leaf
Portsmouth Tea loose leaf

Portsmouth Tea loose leaf

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Type of tea Black tea
Origin Assam, India and Zimbabwe
Brewing instructions Use freshly boiled water and infuse for 3 to 5 minutes
How to serve Milk, sugar, honey or lemon – the choice is yours. Alternatively, serve black
Tasting notes Portsmouth Tea boasts a fusion of malty-sweet flavours perfect for any time of day. It lingers on the palate long after the cup is drained
Colour in cup Coppery liquor, light in tone


Did you know that Portsmouth is one of the first places where tea arrived to Britain? It was 14 May 1662 and the bride-to-be of King Charles II, Catherine of Braganza, daughter of King John of Portugal, arrived in Portsmouth. She was horrified to find that tea was not available in England. She had brought a casket of tea with her, but she immediately sent an envoy with instructions for tea to be shipped from her homeland.

Little did she know she was introducing what was to become one of the staples of British life. In tribute to this momentous occasion we have produced Portsmouth Tea.

Portsmouth Tea is a blend of Assam BP and Zimbabwe teas of exceptional quality created to cope with the hard water in the southern Hampshire area. Assam tea, named after the region in India where it is grown, is known for its full-bodied malty flavour, deep aroma, rich colour, and brisk taste. “BP” stands for its grade, Broken Pekoe, which refers to the crushing or breaking of the tea leaf, which enhances the flavour. Zimbabwe tea comes from Eastern Highlands in Zimbabwe, originally grown from seeds from Assam.